Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Airtel Story

Dear Manager,

This is Abhinav Gupta (#99808085XX) from Bangalore. I took this connection 10 days back because I shifted to Bangalore recently from Delhi.

And the experience with Airtel has been full of gratitude - I have been on calls with customer service executives of Airtel with more than 5 hours in last 3 days itself, and I appreciate the background tones that I have been listening to, which I remember verbatim now!

Because I had shifted to Bangalore just 2 weeks back, I was putting up in a temporary accomodation initially (when I applied for the postpaid connection), and hence had given my office address as the correspondence address for the time being, with the assurance that I will provide my residential address as soon as I take an apartment here. Mr. Sameer Khan from Telepro Inc. Office Phone 08041489040, Mobile 9900130260 (the executive who very politely could convince me that Airtel is the best thing to happen to me after my birth!) gave me this connection, and asked me that the address will never be a problem, to start with. I gave him a deposit fee too, to which he did not give a receipt, and said that he will give it later.

Now, my phone/SIM gets deactivated just 5 days into service, and when I call up customer care, every time I get to hear that the complaint has been logged, and I will not have to bother to call again. And I guess I should not have bothered to call again, because however much I tried and talked to customer service, I listened to the same thing every single time. That is what I would call "Consistency", and it has set new benchmarks for me, when it comes to being consistent! I have been calling up for 3 days now, but to no avail. I once took the customer complaint number too, which is 11888640, for your records.

And another facet proves that Airtel is striving hard to reach 6-sigma level when it is about call management - all the shift managers are always busy, and all my calls are "accidently" cut after me waiting on hold for 10+ minutes, waiting to talk to someone after being put on hold.

I am highly obliged by your service, and will recommend the same to everyone. It really gives a lesson on "patience" and "perseverence" , to the least.

And please give a big raise to Mr. Sameer Khan too on my behalf, who supposedly is my contact point, and who effortlessly told me that whatever is happening is because of my fault only, and I should have been more careful is getting things done! He must definitely be reaching his targets with exceptional results.

Abhinav Gupta
Alternate No. 99860062XX


  1. Anonymous4:11 PM

    I completely sympathise:
    29th Jan I sign up (after hajaar natak - they say they want office electricity proof/rent agreement to beleive that a company with 1000cr exists :D)
    They set a princely limit of 300 bucks, which yours truly hits in 4 days flat - within half hour of intimation sms, outgoing gets barred. YAY!! Instead of 250 which was the bill, I pay 500.
    6th Feb: Some wise a$$ turns up at my home for verification, doesn't even bother to call me (heck, airtel is supposed to know my number!) - hangs a 'missed you' card with a number.
    The Agent whose number it is, politely informs that he will not take schedule requests from me but only from customer care.
    Now I find out that my calls directly go to prepaid customer care - calls made from office landline end up at prepaid customer care.
    7Feb: Stuupid agent again turns up, again doesn't call, again a card. Frantic a$$ ki$$ing of Dealer follows, to no avail.
    9Feb: SIM is deregistered. Uber YAY! God mode a$$ ki$$ing of Dealer. SIM to be activated NEXT day - Hallelujah!
    12th Feb: Vile threats to dealer ensure timely appointment. Get address verified.
    13th Feb: Another wise a$$ turns up at home, hangs another card - now yours truly takes it to dealer, expresses yourself. Dealer assures no more SIM deregisteration. Phew

    14 Mar: Get SMS at 6 o'clock that 1200 credit limit has been breached (was at 1400 :P). Flurry of calls from stupid females follow threatening disconnection should I not pay - assure that i only got to know half hour back, am on survey, 50km from nearest dealer, will do 'morrow - fine, no outgoing they say then!!!
    8:15pm scramble into that dealer - only to find Airtel system down, but still pay. Airtel cust. care assures that system might automatically disconnect me if payment not updated in night - but being helpful that they are, they'd resume outgoing once i'd call them, in an hour.
    Intelligent systems, dumb people.

    -- An Airtel lover
    (No personal details, else airtel might find some silly reason to barr outgoing again!!)

  2. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Airtel does NOT take deposits for some postpaid pilaans like New India Roam 399 , didnt do so for me! :)

  3. And so is the case - no personal grudges per se, but I know how it works.

    I got calls from Nodal Officer time and again after that, and the issue has been resolved overnight - I guess some action is being taken against the customer executive as well - which I'll check in a week's time!

    It doesn't work easy for everyone - you see - someone needs to take the hard way and pump it up. I am working on getting all the Airtel connections disconnected from our office, and getting corporate account to Hutch instead!

  4. Anonymous11:58 PM

    Hutch is no better. Best is BSNL these days. I kid you not.

    Hutch had pained my number with auto dialer calls - like twice a week atleast. And randomized hutch numbers so I would still pick it up.

    There was a method to the madness:
    I'd get these calls for a week, call up Hutch guys abuse their mom/dad/family tree and calls would stop a month.
    one month later, new set of auto dialer numbers, cycle begins again.
    Had it three consecutive months. Even on their website they allow Do Not Disturb for Hutch customers only - when its well known that Hutch people/software calls up people as much as others!! Cheats!!