Sunday, March 19, 2006


Yet another delay in updation here. But anyhow, that's not something which is worth mentioning anymore. And thats bcoz it has been a norm for quite some time now.
Anyhow, the days have been full of, I would say, happenings. Or I think I should call it incidents, rather than happenings.

Ever since I came back from PD sessions in Bangalore, I have been keeping low in terms of being decisive. And then, when it comes to keeping alive and kicking for all to see, it takes a toll every time you try for it. Hence it has been a cause of worry for a few days now, and the confusions have been aggravating just like anything. On the top of it all, the so called "fun-factor" has really brought down all the spirits.

Things have got.......awkward!

Don't know whether they are awkward or not, but its just that communication and perception differ a lot when it comes to different personalities. Hoping for the things to get a bit relaxed soon enuf, or else I'll have to work on things I can keep running. And the only thing is, I don't know what I can help to run!

Monday, March 06, 2006


Now then, a long time yet again since I updated it last. Here I go again.
Things are similar to what they have been for a few months now. Startign SAP training, and then, a few PD sessions as well. And I guess I can mak a mark in them as well. Its just that I am not too sure whether I'll be able to sustain in this for a long time to come.

Now that I am in Bangalore for a week, I will get a chance to look at my own capabilities with a bird's eye view, and will be able to see whether I can do it or not. Just a week I guess.

And things are going to be a bit different from the enxt week on, I am sure. I will need to make sure I make decisions in the best interests of a few people.

If I may predict my own horoscope for the coming week, it would say that I am going to be in sheer confusion, and would be indulged in lots of heated and physco exchanges. I will have to look into money matters in a different way, and will have to make a choice soon.

Let's see which choice it is!