Sunday, October 31, 2004

Better late..than never..!!

Boy oo Boy!
What a time it has been, since I last visited this place.
Seems like eternity.

And I truly missed it like hell. Was wondering all these days what could have been the password to this Blog. Silly me. Who else forgets not only the password, but the username as well. hehe.

Now then, what shall I jot down here. I dont even remember when I last posted. I dont think I hav posted anything in this term. So, I wud start with the holidays, preceding this term.

What a time it was. Getting home, having nice food, those feelings, that care, going shopping, doing teeny-weeny things, calling all friends again and again, collecting stuff from here and there, scheduling time as if one needs 48 hours in a day. And yes, that most famous get-together at home, which brought out the best amongst everyone. Atleast it gave a hearty laugh, proved a gathering. I wish for such gatherings in the times to come.

And yes, how can I forget the time I spent with Shuchidi. Taking her to shop around, which proved to be as boring as it could possibly be. But doesnt matter; relax chap, it was for her wedding.

Then the journey back to College. Starting the preps for the all new IIMK-IIMB sports meet. And yes, above all, the all-famous accident. Now I recall why I couldnt post earlier. This thing could never cross my mind, as I was hardly able to type.

Then missing those practice sessions, which I wudn't have missed for anything. Going over to Bangalore, just to escape from the thought that I couldnt participate any longer, in the sports meet. It broke me to pieces, but thats the way it was meant to be. Went to Bangalore, and stayed with Aasheesh, Tarun, Vicky et al. Though had a nice time, but not even for a moment could I forget that my visit to B'lore was just a pity escape from the thoughts I would have had, while being at campus.

Coming back to K. Healing gets slower & slower, day by day. It was, as if, a race was going on, between the healing, and my patience. The worst time here at K for me.

Come IIMB team, and I get involved. If not very much in playing, then in organising the stuff. Could play Football only in that leg of sports meet. Couldnt play Cricket, neither could swim, for the good, and now old, reason. Shastry also comes. He's fun.

Now the reverse leg, to be held at IIMB. Again, unfit. Still, determined to play. Be it Baddy, Volley or Soccer. Carrom is a different matter altogether. Can't lose out on any of them.

Lost Soccer (obviously), won Baddy (team being invinsible), and went down, after giving an unexpected fight, in Volley. Then the night comes, and at this time, I have slept only 4 hours in last 3 days. Still, I insist on Carrom being played on that very night.

To start with, Doubles. The worst I could be in temperament. Had chances in all the 8 boards; even tried to apply my sick and fickle mind, but to no avail. At last, lost the doubles match, with "I" being the worst of the 4 players playing that match.

I had lost all my senses. Had become a zombie. Still, dunno what urged me to ask for playing Singles, I had to take my pride into my stride. It was a matter of my pride, my passion now.

And my competitor, the simplest of all guys in today's times, Prithu. I did not even want to play my natural "negative" game against him, looking at his innocence, and simplicity. We start the game.

First board, we start. Woop.! All 9 of my coins on the board, and his coins up. He leads by 12 points.

Thats a mishap for me. Enuf is enuf. It cant get worse than this. I have never lost a singles match in Carrom ever, in a tournament. Was it going to happen this time? I hope not.

Dont know what I got into. Next few boards, I pull it off. I win 28-12.

I could never have imagined it, if I would have lost the match. I still cant get it. How can I get into such a miserable position??

Anyhow, its over now. We come back to K. Take our exams. And start off with the normal life. And yes, planning for an inter-hostel sports meet. Atleast regain the confidence here.

Thought of trying to recover my blogger ID and password, and got it. So, here I am, as I type these words, again a zombie, at 4o'clock in the morning.

I wish you were here, whosoever you are! I dont know, and I dont care. All I know is, I know nothing.

Cheer up buddy. Way to go!

Friday, October 01, 2004

Another week

Well well, yet another week gone..
Did nothing in this one as well, as usual.
Didnt even write any paper for Vista or Confluence; and mind ya, I had good reasons for the same. huh, all crap. But wont stay like this for ever. Have made up my mind to take up some projects from now on. More lively, the better it would be. Also, would get into Germany's visitor list soon.

Getting bored by watching the same movies again n again n again. Sometimes I wonder which movies r left that I havent seen...Absolutely free ..nothing to do.

And yes, thinking of making something again for the gud ol' DCE ppl..lets see how it shapes up..
Its just that it'll take lots of time, and m sure wont b as creative as earlier..the earlier one was the best I could do, and no improvements possible over that.

Gotta think in terms of ITC, OCD, teamgreen, and Loreal soon.

Thats it. Gotta think what to do now.

Long long time..

It's been a long long time, since I last posted something..
Firstly exams came up, then the cherished holidays, and then, the least wanted thing.
Can't even think of what I'll do if I wont be fit for the sports meet.
Even have spent 5 days in Bangalore, just to forget everything, and divert my mind from the cause.
I can barely eat myself, with my hands; leave aside attending classes.
Since I havent taken much of the subjects, so that thankfully hasnt be much of a problem as of yet.
Hope to write in soon.
Its paining now.