Sunday, August 20, 2006

Apartment search

Oh yeah, How can I forget to mention the apartment search I have been into for last month or so. Started living with Deepak to start with, shifted to Anand's later on, and now looking out for an apartment like crazy. Guess this lazing around will take me down. Though I have asked lots and lots of friends to be on the lookout for an apartment for me, but so far it has been fruitless. Hoping this weekend will yield some results, if someone graces this poor soul, and helps out in finding one.

The Holy Grail...

Too many people have notified it too many times to me that I have become too negligent, and too busy to make any posts around here. Now then, lets try and make it up for all the lost times, and make up with a relatively lengthier post - if it makes sense.
Well, here's about Grail, where I am working on a few projects. To start with, the firm is another start-up, but my role is kind of different as it was in my previous stint. However, its fun in terms of variety of work that is there to do. And obviously, the kind of people in the firm are just not something I can describe in words - class apart, so to say!
Anyhow, the first 10 weeks in the firm were as hectic as they could be. Burning in midnight oil is something I had heard for years, but could really "live it out" for the first time. Things are easing out, after the initial squeeze, because everyone is getting into the groove. A few ends are still untied, but things are here for the best.
I guess I am still becoming ambiguous in this post, which I will try not to.
Well, went off to a short trip to Palampur last week with a few friends, and had good fun this time around. Though the group was not what has always been, but nonetheless, it wasn't rolling back in any sense. Would love to have such trips around pretty frequently, if the time allows.
Guess, this should be enough for now. Will come back with details later.