Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Last Supper!

Any resemblance you can notice?

Friday, February 23, 2007

We-Men or Woman

"A woman is an occasional pleasure but a cigg is always a smoke"
Now this would be the most sought after, most thought about, most talked about topic of all times. Even on, most of the favorites fall in the said category, in one way or the other. Or infact check the hit rates on any of such business propositions or samplers, and these fall in most frequent categories always.
What I would jot down today would be on the imperative side of these discussions - what one looks for in these kind of things...
Dating back to the days when dates were a royalty (though now they are a commodity) - it used to be something one would aspire for, not only for the "real" need for it, but for the "reel" need for it too! If I were to go out with someone, I would/should/could make it a point that I am seen with the other sex (if it's worthwhile). And if not seen, then the talks would definitely be in the air.
Don't really know why (maybe that's something that has been in the offing for a long time now!), but I have an image of someone who's going out a lot, amongst my circles; and that fact is not very close. Infact, I haven't been out for a long time now, quite contrary to what I get to hear from the perceptions of my mates. And after reaching Bangalore, the effects have started to show. I hardly had any time to think about anything like this, while in Delhi, and now, I have all-the-time-in-the-world, which keeps pushing me over the wall.
Not that there's any dearth of options, but the times have changed, and that's making me think, so much so, that I have started having these discussions of being on the lookout for options! Something's gotta come my way now, I guess...
Let's see how next week goes - will decide the future course of actions!

Changed Bangalore...

Ab to kaafi din ho gaye..
And this time, it is quite different from what it was, eight months ago, when I was last here. Not that anything has changed as such, but the times have changed much. Sab log idhar udhar busy ho gaye hain - people getting married, getting busy with their jobs, lives; also moving on with the lives and prioritizing - it has come quite unexpectedly. Pehle to kaafi log hote they yaar har time, but ab baat thodi si alag hai. anyhow..
Now the meetings are much more fun though, because there's so much new everywhere. New thoughts coming up here and there - and lots of challenges too. My status message on Gtalk right now, "The toughest part of getting to the top, is getting through the crowd at the bottom" says it net net. If you let go of your predispositions, your fears, your apprehensions, you can surely make it to the next level. And if you don't know what your next level is, you will get to know. Moreover, even failures will give you much more than you can accumulate in a lifetime, because then you start appreciating the real value of the essence of everything.

No title

Deeds, not words, shall speak me!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

And before I forget, I must say that the day has been great for me. I don't really remember where and how I had spent my previous V-day, or the year before it (maybe I was too drunk to remember) - and because I may not remember this day tomorrow (I think I won't forget it as yet), I should pen it down!

V-day, D-day?

I was just reading the Orkut status of one of my friends a few days back, and it said, "Contradictions Galore"! Today was the much coveted Valentine's Day, and at the end of this dutiful (or did I mean beautiful?) day, I am inclined to say, "Celebrations Galore, too.."!

There's no specific reason why I have an inclination of saying that, but in general, it has been noticed. Yes, and obviously, it is only a state of mind, but the plethora of events taking place around you makes it so addictive, that you tend to flow with the energy of the ones around!

Today was a good day. Things clearing out - meetings lots of people, good people, nice people (who gets good and nice people these days? Ask me, I do!). And meeting up with lots of friends too.

The day didn't start on the perfect note - as usual, against all my resolutions of the previous night, I woke up late (now you know it's usual for me, but anyhow). Went to clear up a few errands to start the day, and was on the road soon after. Traveled from one corner of NCR to another (not surprising if you know me), for the silliest of reasons. And then met up with friends one after the other.

Obviously again, nothing done without drinks. So after thirst quenching at Cafe Morrison, went off to see the beauty of the places around - South-ex to start with, moving over to Dilli Haat (not a very exotic place, but fun to be around that place, looking at how people see things in their own way), and then went on to Lajpat for the much needed cup of coffee. Had a good time.

Followed it up with a trip to Ansals, and then over to IIT. All these trips to IIT remind me of the gala time we used to have, while in UG. Undoubtedly the best time. No comparisons at all. Period.

Well, to continue with IIT, I was saying that it's very comfy out there - maybe because the time I have spent like that has been most cherishable one; and most learning too. And when I hear the discussions around - one guy is bothered about his girlfriend's interview next week, other one is concerned about his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend's interview the same week (!!); stories in their nascent stage; stories in their declining stage, with yet another climbing curves in their life cycle coming up - It's just the kind of thing that will lighten up the mood!
Now that I am about to leave, this will certainly be something I'll miss. And obviously the people around will be missed too! Have seen a lot, learned a lot more than I could have thought of, and am taking with me much more memories and learnings that I could grasp, with both my hands. Last ten months have definitely been fun, full of frolic! In and out of office, both.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Back after ten days, and not a sign of excitement to be back! Same people, same stories, same anthropology!

And these days have given me enough “food-for-thought” to fall into an everlasting dilemma of “What next?”

Days go on!