Monday, June 27, 2011

Random Journal Entry

This has been the best of days.
This has been the worst of days.

Not so bad actually. Worst rhymes well, and so it seemed apt!

The day was one of the most hectic ones in last few months for sure, work-wise. Mumbai meetings last week added fuel to fire, and I find myself doing double the work I have been doing of late. Hence the urgency to finish things in time.

So the weather was to die for in the morning. I could see that it will rain, it was only a matter of when! By the time I reached office, I had my mind preoccupied with what all I had to do. Another 3 hours, and I realized I hadn't turned my neck to the right even once, to the window right next to my cube which covers such an awesome panoramic view over CP. And as expected, the weather was awesome!

I finished some deliverables in a jiffy, and left office to run an errand. And it started raining cats and dogs instantly, as if it was waiting all these hours for me to step out!

While talking to A, I had already mentioned that the day was destined to have a sports session - only matter was, will work allow me to?

I reach office, get immersed in work, and before I know it - it is way past my office hours. With the thought of finishing rest of the work from home, I could see my plans going for a toss. Disheartened, I drive back home.

Just before I take the final turn to my home, there is a football field - it was water logged because of rains in the day, and I could see people playing football and falling all around. One look at this, and I knew the work had to wait! Went home, changed, and here I was, running around the football like a Spitz! I'm sure I haven't enjoyed a football session more.

Relieved, dirty, and fresh! I get home, and work that would have taken hours started getting done in minutes. Before I knew it, work that I wouldn't have been able to finish in next two days, is already done by midnight (interspaced with multitasking - read chatting online)! The day more than deserves a post :)

Tired! But Fresh as ever!