Thursday, May 31, 2007

True, isn't it?

"In the future, you have no shareholders. You have no rivals, no partnership, no customers. You have neither accomplishments nor challenges. No one does, because the future hasn't happened yet. It is a white canvas. A clean slate. A blank sheet. ...How will you write it?"

The day that was...

Yesterday was a different day for reasons more than one (Obviously, what a statement this is? …. Obviously, every day is different, and has something happening different from other days!)

Well, my bro was going back to Delhi, to get en-route his quest for professional excellence – in plain terms, going to join his company. And here I was, his “I-know-all” elder bro, trying to guide him and prepare him for the thicks-and-thins of life – without realizing even for a moment that he has grown up (like everyone does, with time!) ..and again, obviously, so is the case for everyone.

Infact, just the day before, I let him drive and I sat beside him – whoa! The thrills I got out of the drive made me sweat – not that he was driving very fast, nor was it rash driving in any sense, but it’s just that I am his elder bro, and I am bound to question whatever happens! I can feel now why every time I drive, my dad has a few words to contribute every now and then. Guess it’s a part and parcel of everyone.

And just before he was going to board his flight, I started preaching yet again (what should I call myself – A caring bro, or a stupid idiot, trying to interfere in everything?) – foolish idiot! The more and more one says, more and more it becomes irrelevant – that is what I have been saying, but never really thought about it, till yesterday.

Anyhow, that’s one. Secondly, met up with good ol’ Military school mates – seniors mostly – it’s so so so good to get back in touch with those who were there in times, which you can not even recall perfectly now – it’s simply amazing! No words can explain the feelings – Talks with Amar, then Deepak, were awesome. And then, found out Amit too – networking helps! :)

Thirdly, watched this movie called Metro (or is it Life in a …Metro!) – except ‘Apne’ Dharam paaji, I guess the movie would fall in the present times – though a tad bit exaggerated, it still goes well with the times – as one of my friends said, the “sentaap” in the movie is a li’l bit too much, I differ from her thoughts, and I would rather say, that once in a while, this goes. Obviously (yet again obviously? I guess I’ve gained a liking for the word), everyone is game when it comes to comic movies and humorous activities, but if you say that you only are game for comic ventures, you are not defining yourself as being cooolll (I have known this school of thought – which says that I watch only comic and cool movies because it reflects my personality!!! Awwwww.. I am amazed on how everyone in the world is so cool! And comic by essence). Coming back to the talks of the movie, it is a nicely knit story with innumerable people interconnected – Irrfan and Sen do the honors of entertaining – rest all have contributed in their own ways – Kangna is gorgeous as she always is – though I don’t really concur with her role, but that’s what producers’ job is, right? Not mine! Worth one watch.

Coming up – the review of Dharam paaji’s clan, the “Apne” – the movie of the decade (though I’ve already heard that Aap Ka Suroor a.k.a. Himmesh is topping the charts of such honors of movie of the decade or the century, but I think Dharam paaji need to be given due credit for his contribution in Chupke Chupke and Sholay, if nothing else) – Hence, I would still nominate ‘Apne’ to the awards – I am going to get front row tickets (Yeah front row, not the balcony, or the rear comfortable seats of PVR – I wish to feel “closer” to the movie, you see! ) advance booked for the opening show!

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Here's a quick update on what I've been up to:
  1. Went for DSN - first week of May - simply awesome - a must attend for every Tom, Dick & Harry!
  2. Followed it up with a week of advanced, in a secluded place on the outskirts of Bangalore - good experience, but will do it again sometime, to better appreciate it
  3. Came back home - got to know that our home is still ours, and we don't have to vacate it for now - so, cheers for this
  4. S traveled to Chennai for his visa - and I had a Rajma-Chawal party while he was away, with some schoolmates - didn't know these girls that we knew in school have grown up into such gracious cooks!
  5. These days, am trying to get back in touch - believe me, it's awesome when you talk again, after a long time - this can be explained in a short story I have in my email. Will share it sometime soon
  6. And got in touch with few mates from the yesteryears - and I mean real yesteryears (if I can call myself an adult now, I would call those days to be the ones when I could cry out loud) - Can recall those Cricket matches we played while being kid; those days when we had to march down 5 miles everyday; when getting up at 5a next day used to be the sole aim for the present day..
And when I come to think of it, it is really silly when we fight! I mean, yes, it is part and parcel of everything, but I feel lost when I think back on why I would have ever done so - it is always always always better to have it the way it plays out, for good!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


"DON" has been one of the movies that has spun the wheel a lot more than most of my favorites - more so because of the hype created around it, and the discussions to follow for days to come by. And I am coming back to this post and review, just because last night I saw the original DON starring Amitabh.

Those who are saying the old don was better are uptight people who saw the old don when they were young and it reminds them of "their time" - what I say is the new one is not far behind when it comes to entertainment. I mean, when Amitabh throws the bag some dust goes in the air, but when Shahrukh throws it, it explodes and there is realistic fire. And the ending is much better as well!! I love how the movie sticks to the line, "Don ko pahkadna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai". People are making it into a AB vs SRK thing - AB is a better actor; SRK isn't meant for this type of movie - maybe Junior AB would have been better for this. However when you compare old Don vs new (notice I said old not "asli") new one is better - simply because of the way Don does things! AB performs better as Vijay while SRK performs better as Don, and I am much more impressed by Don than plain old Vijay. As simple as that.

Some people do say that "Don ka remake banaana mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai", but sometimes old wine in new bottle sometimes makes the day - if not directly through the movie, then through some other lateral discussions. I sure had a gala time on discussions around the movie, even long after the movie had been seen! Good fun that was.