Thursday, July 29, 2004


A good friend will come bail you out of jail...
But a true will be sitting next to you, saying,

"Damn..!! We fucked up.."

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Apna to ye kehna hai...

Saahil ke sakoon se kise inkaar hai magar,
Toofaan mein doobane ka maza hi kuch aur hai...


I feared,
I dreaded,
I still do.

SILENCE is one Demon
which sting me too.
No decided time,
Without prior appointment.

It comes when so it wishes,
Without any resentment.
or sometimes hastily

Creeps into my speeches,
my words,
my voice,

Sternly shows them all A RED LIGHT !!
My confessions/talks burning all bright!
A gap appears,
Untold mystery born

If those words wouldnt have been stopped,
I wud Definetly have had a battle won!
Is what I do,

For this Demon,
Becomes an ANGEL too!
or sometimes magnificently,

It creeps into my eyes
Giving them a solvent meaning,
As amiable as none can defy.
A gap appears,

Untold mystery born.
It says those words,
Which never would be said, (by)
My tongue torn!

Its AN enemy,
A PAL too.

But cant figure with which I do.
I fear
I dread
I drool

I confess
I do!!

Saturday, July 24, 2004


well well...
it has been quite some time now, since I last logged in...
hav been busy in all these goddamn classes, with loads of reports to b submitted..
anyways, that phase is almost over, and its kinda chill now..

for last so many days, my only rescue has been in the form of baddy matches i hav been playing; and those too, unto the time i fall down with exhaustion.
and yes, it reminds me all the time of all the gud times i hav spent at DCE, while playing baddy..
i still all those games, all those yellings, all those shouts, whne I was supposed to just kill the shuttle, without even having the capability to do it..
But surely now I can do it..staying away from all beloved ones has really taught me a lot.. Now i can play far better than i used to..
I assure you sardar, playing today with me, u wont hav to ask me to do something..u'll b sure to hav it considered done.. I no longer am a doubles player.. Now i know how to do it..
yes, i do know it; but what's the use..
All the more I play, further it reminds me of the gud times i hav spent at DCE..
cant write anymore..feeling a bit nostalgic..
will get back soon..

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Oh my goshh..

The days are passing, but still, it doesn't feel like they are..
I have nothing to do, apart from attending lectures, watching movies, and yes, sleeping..

Getting up at noon daily is making me uncomfortable now (uff, what the hell!!). The routine is devastated. Getting up at 12 at noon, going to class, coming back at night (uff again, so many classes @#^#&%!) and then, nothing else, but movies. And yes, chat too.

I can't keep my hands off from my mean machine even for an hour. There's no fun in life; no motivation to work; everything seems to be going in the wrong way. Maybe thats why Murphy's law stands good.
If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong

It surely is going in the wrong direction for me. No learning, nothing at all..
And then, I say that i am an MBA..
To heck with it.
Give me life, give me peace, give me work, give me cheese..

Thursday, July 08, 2004

True again, isn't it..

When there's no motivation to work towards your goal, or for that matter, to work towards any thing, one needs to press just a little bit more.

Just a li'l bit.

If everything's under control, you're not just going fast enough.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Yesterday I flew again..!!

Arms wide open
i flew again -

Away from the confines of
matter, space and time,
into the fourth dimension-
the immensity was contagious,
the landscape melted
onto the pallet of
turquoise horizon;
the amplified music echoed
with the beat of my heart

and i drank to the
time of my life.....
i sang, i danced, i laughed
i had a lil bit of everything.........

Hic !

PS: sabko maloom hai mein sarabi nahi
fir bhi koi pilaye to mein kya karoon

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Ufff..these damn classes..@#^&*@#

With the onset of arrival of these damn visitng profs, the load has mounted like anything, and it doesnt seem like having any time for fun, or movies..

feel like dropping a coupla electives, but alas, all are important..

drained after straight 5 hrs of continuous class of a single subject, without even getting a single word of ERP..

God save me.

Those innocent eyes, that beautiful face, that xtraordinary mind...thats all what we look for, everywhere, be it workplace, college, or our nearabouts..feel like seeing self in this snap..sheer simplicity, and of course, innocence..can u beat that?!!!

Need I say more..!! Never trust a girl..thats it.