Monday, June 28, 2004

The dawn breaks..

Well, lot many friends of mine do this..
So will i, from now on. Not because this is something which I like them doing, but because this gives me another way of pouring my heart out..
Ummmmm.....where should I start.

The second year for my MBA starts in 7 hours time, and yet, i don't have any idea at all what i am supposedly doing here at IIMK. My fate took me to the military school, which surely did the best it could have been for me. Self-reliance, Independent, Reliable, Sensible, blah blah blah...That's what i have been hearing all the way.
But is it really true; and even if it is, is it worth it?

Then came DCE, the bestest phase of my life. No worries at all..Just pure fun for 4 complete years, even if it involved pity fights, dirty politics, amorphous attitudes.

While I sit here in my room, waiting for somebody to come online, so that I could spend some of my time chatting, i miss even those who I never dreamt of missing. All the rubbish acts done by people seem childish now. True that i still haven't forgot their relevance, but pity i surely feel for thyself.

Lets see what this new year, the upcoming new batch, and the new ways of life have in store for me. May the best guy win. And It has to be me. ;)

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