Saturday, July 09, 2005

All the way!

Just an update!

Life's getting along fine. Work, as usual, is interesting, and makes me feel good about myself. The profiles I am looking for are rare, but am sure I'll get someone or the other for the job. If worse comes to worst, doing law all by myself is not a bad option either.

Its been a long time since I was at home. Infact, haven't even been to Bangalore for almost a month now. Gotta make plans to shoot off to Delhi soon.

Boy-o-boy, the projects that are coming up are massive. But they are catchy too! I need to get some "GOOD" people in the firm for sure, to take care of things when I am not around.

And yes, Investment Banking is the need of the hour - got the point. Soon will venture into this as well.

What's that called - expanding your horizons!

Forgot to mention the interesting conversations I have been having these days. Need to stop wasting that much time. What else would you call it if you exchange 448 mails in a day with someone?

Feeling sleepy right now. Ah! Gotta decide which movie to watch tomorrow.

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