Saturday, December 09, 2006


Now and then, it keeps coming back. And what happens is history!

....and it has been 10 days on a trot, that I have visited all these places again, again and yet again! Sometimes it is for the regular "hot & sour", whereas sometimes it relives the "sweet corn"; even Mocha is not far away when it comes to trials - but come what may, this connoisseur has not been able to get the same essence as he used to in last 6 months (barring the last 10 days). And it's not that a bit has changed - "No" - the change has not been only "a bit" - it has been tremendous. Making yourself realise that it is not the end of the road is a hard thing to do - and I have come to realize that of-late. With all the hunky-dory stuff down the road, the real "m" factor needs to be explored - and hoping to get it soon! Need to get it soon, infact.

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