Wednesday, April 09, 2008


When I watched "Ghulam" about ten years back, I found the script amazingly refreshing, and the performances were superb. Siddhu (Aamir) could really carry the movie on his shoulders (as he quite normally does these days) - those days, he was just coming out of chocolate-y boy image, and hence to carry off such a persona was breathtaking.

However, when I saw "On The Waterfront" a couple of years later, I was shocked, to say the least. The movie was a rip off. I mean, OTW came many many years ago, and was one of the best performances of Marlon Brando (though I like him most in Godfather, for no reasons at all).

I wonder whether Brando make On the Waterfront great? Or was he just great in it? I watched it yesterday yet again, but still couldn't decide.

And Pigeons - is there something in them that I fail to see? Cinematography is just wonderful, and rightly so, the movie grabbed as many as Eight Oscars! A must watch.

Take this for the starters,
"If I spill, my life ain't worth a nickel."
"And how much is your soul worth if you don't?"

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