Monday, July 28, 2008


There’s this game (or let’s call it an application, an activity) on Facebook, where you rank various parameters on one of the topics from most favorable to least favorable, and you are matched to all those friends of yours who run that application as well. The name of the application is LIKENESS (or is it LIKENESS UnRATED, I am not too sure).

I was killing my time a few days back, when a request from one of my friends came (on facebook), which said that my friend has run the activity “Superpowers” in Facebook, and wanted me to take the same as well. Workless as I was, I clicked on the link and started the app. Before I knew, I was fantasizing all the powers one-by-one, in order to select which one I will cherish most.

Anyhow, I finished my rankings and got a match score with my friends (to see the scores, one can go to facebook and check my scores there).

Well, this has happened about two weeks back, and I had almost forgotten about this. But just a few days back, I realized that having such powers (or even the faintest hint of some/any of them), might take you for a toss!

No, I am not talking about any superpower here – I am talking about real life. If you look at the image above, you’ll see that one of the powers mentioned there is “Mind Reading” – when I was visualizing this power two weeks back, I thought it should make life really cool, because you get to know what the other person might be thinking in front of you, and accordingly you can manipulate the person – manipulate is not the right word; it is better to say that you can do proper conditioning of the circumstances at hand, so that things are for the best. (Remember, Mel Gibson in ‘What Women Want”?)

So now, again, let me reinstate that I am not talking about superpowers in real life. The “Superpowers” app of facebook merely gave me an insight that I would not change a thing in me-self, because I just can not say what all baggage it will come with.

I have to my credit (or has it been that credit of anxiety, of worries, of tension) the knowledge of something that I would have never liked to know. We live in such an artistic world, that we have acclimatized ourselves to the rights and wrongs of our society, our culture, our acquaintances, our near and dear ones. But when one gets to know something which is a little bit more than what he/she ought to know, it disturbs the equilibrium of knowledge, and creates instability - at least in a human mind. It leads one to think what should not be thought, and question every act – which is quite misleading. If it’s about a person/s, this makes it difficult to look him/her in the eye.

Don’t think I’ll be able to elaborate on that – so net net, superpowers are a big no no.

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  1. Interesting post abhi.. what you call as Superpowers are known as Siddhis in Indian Spirituality. There are more then 250 such Siddhis and have been mastered by Man in all times and ages. I personally know many people who can read minds,provide healing etc.. The one common thing is that all of them are very peaceful, calm and happy souls. Sri Sri says that we should never be bothered about attaining Siddhis. Instead we should spread love and peace in the World. When you do this without any self interest, the Sidhis come to you automatically ! Good isn't it? Such powers are best with those who want to make this world a better place to live in! :)