Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chaos Theory

If things go wrong,

As they sometimes will,

And the road onwards,

Seems all uphill..


..when the … is low,

And the debts are high..


..something something something.. if you must,

But don’t you quit!


These are a few lines I can recollect from long time back (I guess I got one of my first prizes reciting this poem in primary school, gesturing my hands up & down, round & round, making faces full of amazement & shock at times, just to show how good I was engrossed during the recitation). It looks obvious, very simple, and yet so complicated.


Innumerable times has it been discussed that when things go wrong, one should take them into stride & go on. However, one hardly thinks of the takeaways from such instances.


And yet, there is hope. Irony, maybe.


Random thoughts, actually.


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