Saturday, November 29, 2008

Boil an egg

One would consider it easy to boil an egg - isn't it.

I came home early today, and was held up in a couple of things. When I turned to see the clock, it was 10 already - thought of calling up some friends to go out for dinner or drinks, but 10 becomes too late for married couples to call upon, and all bachelor friends already had plans. I didn't want to go out alone, and all I was left to do was to get some eggs from the market (considering making eggs is the easiest thing to do, or as I would suppose).

Now that I am back with eggs, I have a task at hand - how to boil eggs. And the answer is, I don't know! Whether water should be boiled first, and then eggs put in the container, or both of them together? What should be the level of water in the container? How long should it stay on the burner? Should I run boiled eggs through cold water also, at a later stage?

I thought of calling up some friends, who might know answers to these trivial questions, but I decided against it, owing to my quest to do it on my own. The only helper now is "Google" - and guess what, there are 3 million results for "how to boil an egg"! I guess I can do it now.

Is it google that is sum of all wisdom (wasn't it The Godfather, as quoted in "You've Got Mail"), or am I so ignorant?


  1. You place the eggs in a teflon-coated container and let it be. Cover it while all this, and keep a watch on the clock. Through trial and error (and believe me, a lot of error), I've found that the optimum time to boil an egg is 14 minutes. Any less, and you get a pusillanimous mass of incongruity, and any more, and shells get cracked.
    Eggs go with salt and pepper, and sometimes with sugarcane juice. The latter, I profess, I have distant memories of.

  2. With Sugarcane juice! - Interesting.

    But guess it'll be a couple of months before I get some of it.