Thursday, February 12, 2009


Many-a-times, it happens that you yearn for something that you would want to look forward to. Some of the days, it's a cuppa for me! A book along proves an icing.

However hectic or consuming day has been, come a cup of tea, and there’s hope again. The spirit of tea is one of poise. It’s serene. Tea being prepared, favorite conversations galore - my dear friend, there’s always time for you.

Last few months, every evening I make it a point to meet this friend of mine outside office – and we go to this place that serves awesome tea. It’s heaven. With a cup in hand, we talk about endless endless things, worrying about nothing, forgetting about all the meetings. About emails. About office politics.

And now this friend is shifting to another city. Wonder what’ll keep me serene from next week on!

Rightly put - The whole point of civilization is to provide one with someone to drink tea with at the end of an evening.


  1. awww your loss is my gain - though i don't think there'd be a lot of tea out here :)

  2. I know. :(
    But am sure Delhi's Chai is much better than Blr's, if there is any available.