Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dear Blog..

Dear Blog,

I have been away, and many-a-times, I feel I should get back to you since you always are with me during the thick and thin of times. Let me apprise you of proceedings of last week, which has proved wanting.

1. I managed to play cricket last week (which, you by now know, is something I cherish). However, exertion led to ligament tear, that forced me to bed for a few days :(
2. I have been trying to close a few projects, but seems like every time I try to get closer to closure, something new crops up, pushing me one step behind! This has been real pain.
3. Met with an unfortunate accident this week, which took my beloved car to the workshop. And this comes on top of my ligament tear last week - week's been bad, dear.
4. Next two weeks will be testing me, since I have loads of things to do - two weeks for two months worth of work. Which means, I may tend to ignore coming back to you. Have patience - I'll try and seep through once in a while
5. On a happy note, it's only a few weeks, after which I see interesting times ahead!


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