Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Too soon to quit

Badminton is incredible. Not one of those sports that you need to warm up for hours before you get on the field, nor one of those that will hardly make you feel kicking. Inclusive. Energetic. Fun.

I used to play a lot earlier, and recent times have had lesser share of those sporting days. I do try to play at least a few days a week. I can’t think of a more fun way to spend my free time whilst feeling fresh! Much better than being bored or ending up going home and vegging on the couch after a hard days work.

Not a bad way to have fun, vent frustrations, and make some friends all in one go.

Earlier this week, I was out to Siri Fort (one of the sporting arenas where one can go and play). It was a choice between Basketball and Badminton on that day, and since our Basketball team was running late and was still on the way, we decided to take a sneak peek at the Badminton courts, to see if any courts were vacant for us to squeeze in.

Indoor courts at Siri Fort are awesome. I somehow like Yonex synthetic turf more than the wooden ones.

On the court right next to where we were standing, we noticed two kids on one side of the court, playing badminton with their dad on the other side. What caught my attention was that the younger kid, who I guess would not be more than 6-7 years old, had his left hand inside his tee, and he was keeping only his right hand out of the tee to hold the racquet, so that their team does not have unfair advantage over their dad, who was single player on the other side of the court. This kid was very energetic, running from one end of the court to the other, trying to pick every shot played by his dad. And his elder brother (who by the looks of it would be 10-12 years old) did let him do all the running. It was a fun filled court, everyone laughing around, full of smiles, entertaining.

Everytime this kid would hit the shuttle, he would turn around, look at us, chuckle, and again run around the court to pick the next shot. This happened for a while, and everyone was enjoying it. Then suddenly, he tripped while reaching for a shot and fell down. To my surprise, neither his brother nor his dad came to help him get up. The concern was evident on their faces, but they were trying real hard not to show so. And the young champ did not even take his left hand out of his tee to take support and get up. He slowly rolled around, and gradually managed to get up. And then it hit me! He had just one arm!

He got up, his dad and bro took a sigh of relief, and he started running around yet again and it was business-as-usual at the court once again. However, I got chills run down my spine - here was a little champ who had no qualms about what he did or did not have, and his family was making him feel as normal as he should be. The guy's a winner for me - all the way through. Hat's off to the spirit.

I didn't get a court to play badminton that day. I couldn't learn any new tricks of the trade. But the champ made me realize, it's always too soon to quit, come what may.


  1. We meet so many people in the course of a lifetime, some stick on, some pass by, some are somewhere out there but never forgotten, who teach us zillion lessons from their due course of actions, knowingly & unknowingly.

    I dint meet this younger one or his family, however, unknowingly, they taught me one thing as well - Its too soon to quit.

  2. Lovely post ...
    (for a change :))...

  3. I know how much pain you would have gone through, to write 'lovely' on this! :P

  4. Yea, it took almost a week to zero down on "lovely" i strictly wanted to avoid "awesome" ....;-)

  5. If only you had spent so much time in writing, you would already be an author of a couple of books by now!

  6. I learnt from others mistakes...

    There r people i know who spent some 7 years in writing and still not an author...:)

  7. Follow your dreams, miss! It's Your whole sole motto in life to write a book, not mine. I am happy the way I am!

  8. 1- Its not d "whole sole" motto of my life, its just one of the desires i have.

    2- Refer to ur facebook notes - Point no. 3 of "16 things about me" - It says "3. I imagine myself a writer one day, sitting by my lakehouse, finishing my journals."

    3- Do ur homework well :-)

  9. You're stalking me or what? :-O

    Writing journals can be very different from authoring a book, lady!

  10. We call it "sharp memory" gentleman !!

  11. Yes, isn't it evident what this "sharp" memory is focused on! That this memory can focus on FB notes, but not on labor laws and payroll stuff!

  12. Memory doesn't focus , people do...

    N Democracy allows everyone to choose what they wanna focus on, Mister !! Labor laws and payroll aren't my cup of tea , But what role does it play in stopping me from reading a friend's FB notes??

  13. Since when did you believe in Democracy? I thought you lived in anarchy, where you could be the only authority!

  14. My question is still unanswered !