Friday, October 01, 2004

Another week

Well well, yet another week gone..
Did nothing in this one as well, as usual.
Didnt even write any paper for Vista or Confluence; and mind ya, I had good reasons for the same. huh, all crap. But wont stay like this for ever. Have made up my mind to take up some projects from now on. More lively, the better it would be. Also, would get into Germany's visitor list soon.

Getting bored by watching the same movies again n again n again. Sometimes I wonder which movies r left that I havent seen...Absolutely free ..nothing to do.

And yes, thinking of making something again for the gud ol' DCE ppl..lets see how it shapes up..
Its just that it'll take lots of time, and m sure wont b as creative as earlier..the earlier one was the best I could do, and no improvements possible over that.

Gotta think in terms of ITC, OCD, teamgreen, and Loreal soon.

Thats it. Gotta think what to do now.

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