Sunday, May 15, 2005

Joined GB

Yet again, it's been a long long time, since I came over here and had a go at the blog.
Anyways, here I am.

Sunday, May 15 (I think) it is.

Let me rewind myself for some time, and think of what all I've done in last month. I went to Bangalore, took up Intel. Went back to Delhi, refused Maruti. Then, came to Mumbai-Bangalore-Trivandrum. Met DK et al, and Chadha in Mumbai. Glorious as ever. Then went off to Bangalore, where couldn't meet many people. 294 inmates were back to home, and I was wondering what I was doing there for 2 days. Tried getting onto Tarun as well, but as usual, hard luck. Met Deepika just before leaving the place.

Then came Trivandrum. Day 0, and I am on work. The work is awesome. Interesting. With responsibilities. Only Concern being, I've gotta stay here alone. Let's see how things shape up in the days to come.

So, people are nice here. I try and spend as much time as possible around them.

Back to the day at present. We are diversifying. Getting into a turnaround project. Would be interesting, but will surely ask for a lot of effort. M ready for everything, as long as it keeps me busy.

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