Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Mesmerising Gloom

It keeps happening again and again and again and again. Yet again!
When I am very happy, I forget about jotting it down here; and as and when it starts getting over me, I revert back to my blogging senses!

Since last post, quite a few ups-and-downs have come, and gone by. For once, I was regretting for having taken a vow, but then it came over pretty well in the end. Then I went over to Bangalore for Diwali times, which weren't very enthusiastic times as well. Dido and Sardar, both were engaged in their offices so much that I hardly got any time to spend with anyone, except a television! The plainest diwali ever.

Then came back, and things were getting along fine, when suddenly, this crunch came over. And I found myself in the midst of the most-testing times of my life as of now. I surely think I should have started somewhere down the value chain, and not where I actually did. I am still a kid, and bearing so many things at the same time make me wonder sometimes whether I shud do them or not; Though its another case that I cherish being in the position and role I am in, and I am sure it wouldn't come up otherwise.

Things are still very bleak. A lot of things going on right now, and I just hope (yet again!) that everything comes to normal self soon. I am not meant to take so many tensions in life. ;)

The work is in progress, and if things go well, a month from now I should be a happy and satisfied guy.

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