Sunday, October 16, 2005


The last post was more of a misnomer, as I see it now.

"Too Bad" is really a too bad thing to say, because it doesn't say what it means.

Things really were bad, and they haven't improved considerably still, but I have come to live with it anyhow. Have tried to make things better in ways more than one. And I can feel the difference. Hence, it sure is in our hands to make it better or worse for ourselves.

Thank goodness, the group thing is back to normalcy. Have come out of the other issues also partially. But because I have better things to take care, its in best interests of everyone that I forget and carry on from here.

Planning to go to Bangalore over Diwali. I am sure if I sit here for Diwali as well, I'll crack. Need to come up with more ways for leisure. Just hope that Bangalore has a better ambience while I go this time.

Now then, Deepti's questions really persuaded me to think whether I'll ever get "my-kinda-girl". A long shot would say that I will, but then, who knows.

The other Deepti, DP, sure needs to come up with the ways she should. I'll need to tell her time and again, and make her rise to the occasion. These small fights will, I am sure, do more good than harm. I know this is the other way round, but not in this case.

Gotta work with the dynamic business model of the company as well.


  1. hi abhi

    itni tension kis baat ki..everything will be fine..time just flies..doesn't matter whether good or bad..

    neways..take care..

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