Thursday, January 04, 2007


The new year is here, and it's here with a bang!

As usual, people are making resolutions (which are anyhow momentary, esoteric, and non-conformatory) - no one can be blamed for not following them day-in and day-out.

And with that came yet another birthday, turning twenty five! A quarter of a century - phew - a long time to stay alive.

Funny it is, how one feels good on such days, because one knows that on their birthday, hardly anyone will crib, and hopes that things will start coming his/her way this day-on!

I think a survey should be launched on people's birthdays, and my quarter-of-a-century experience suggests that more often than not, the optimist and positive framework of human "confucious-like" mind will stay on the right side of the trajectory during this day. And that's not because anything great is happening around - it is more so because we want it to be like it, that day.

That brings us to another question, as to why don't we keep it the same way all the days of the year? Everyone says that they live their day as the last one of the life, but that doesn't hold true to be ideal. What I would say is, everyone should try and live everyday as their own birthday, just like the first one, when they cared about nothing and did what they wanted to (cry, and scream!)

Think about it, AG.

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