Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So often it seems that memories bring with them feelings of sadness and longing for what once was. But today a surge of memories brought me not only a sense of calm remembrance, but a blissfully refreshing sense of spirit.

I was driving down the road, trying to clear my mind from the overwhelming chaos of life. Then I heard it - a song, the song. You know that one song that can lift your spirit no matter what the circumstances; that one song that makes you throw out all your fears or sadnesses with complete abandon; and makes you forget everything but the goodness and beauty in the world. It was that song for me. And I allowed myself to become lost in it; my mind drifting backwards to a time when beauty was all I allowed myself to know.

And away my mind drifted, to a world full of memories that brought with them such sheer happiness that I found myself embracing the memories and inviting even more. My mind drifting - to a place so far away, and yet so close - to an open road surrounded by mountains and hills; then the arid purity of the desert stretching for endless miles; then the warm greeting of the familiar Atlantic. What an incredible journey - one that will live on in my memories forever.

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