Friday, April 27, 2007

S' Call

Yesternite itself, got this call from S - as drunk as always - and as confusingly determined like never before. He seems to be getting along a phase where one gets whatever he needs, but is really looking for what actually he wants - which, at some level, he himself is not sure of. Unknowingly, he touches a string or two, when he talks intelligent (which is dreadfully uncommon). He was with P and R, and they all were having a bash at 2 at night at Shivaji Stadium - relishing the much coveted "Rajma Chawal" - S knows what the significance of this is?!
I've been thinking, and something will need to be done to get these kiddos on the right track - they've been lingering around for long, and should try to validate their thoughts with their aspirations and possibilities.
The call reminded me of the gud ol' times we used to have a couple of months back - when I could relive the hostel days of DCE - the cherished student-hood. Ahhhh! Reminds of those yet again. Guess I'll park this post for now, and start another one.

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