Tuesday, May 01, 2007


"DON" has been one of the movies that has spun the wheel a lot more than most of my favorites - more so because of the hype created around it, and the discussions to follow for days to come by. And I am coming back to this post and review, just because last night I saw the original DON starring Amitabh.

Those who are saying the old don was better are uptight people who saw the old don when they were young and it reminds them of "their time" - what I say is the new one is not far behind when it comes to entertainment. I mean, when Amitabh throws the bag some dust goes in the air, but when Shahrukh throws it, it explodes and there is realistic fire. And the ending is much better as well!! I love how the movie sticks to the line, "Don ko pahkadna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai". People are making it into a AB vs SRK thing - AB is a better actor; SRK isn't meant for this type of movie - maybe Junior AB would have been better for this. However when you compare old Don vs new (notice I said old not "asli") new one is better - simply because of the way Don does things! AB performs better as Vijay while SRK performs better as Don, and I am much more impressed by Don than plain old Vijay. As simple as that.

Some people do say that "Don ka remake banaana mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai", but sometimes old wine in new bottle sometimes makes the day - if not directly through the movie, then through some other lateral discussions. I sure had a gala time on discussions around the movie, even long after the movie had been seen! Good fun that was.


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  2. I've moved out of that blog Abhinav....look's like it's been an year exactly wow...I happened to read those old posts of mine. Life's so different now...and I realise that people should blog regularly to have an account of their lives. Well have been writing in different blogs hence...will give u the link to the current blog :). Thanks for the interest btw!!