Tuesday, October 30, 2007

'B' for sBf...

I shall talk about some other masterpieces too. But the next one should not be from DCE days, because then there might be overlap in thoughts and upbringings with B.

This post, I'll dedicate to B, a friend of mine who's been a revelation, when it comes to being carefree.

This is from those days when I was a huge internet freak (I've changed, huh! Not a freak anymore). It was a norm to meet up new people online every now and then, and somehow went on to meet D online. D was doing her MBA those days, and B was one of her close friends. Obviously, online chats led to mails, which later led to phone calls - not only with D, but with B, and other friends too. (No, I am not going to provide details on who B or D or for that matter, others are...remember, this is just an 'instance' post)

Now, after MBA, B also shifted to Delhi with all her friends, and joined a financial firm (You ought to know how much I respect all those who work in financial firms; I was very close to being a big zero when talking about finance, and hence all this respect for all those who have that finesse). Impish that she has been, she was always the heart of the discussion when around. She could lend you an ear when needed, and would eat away your ears when not needed, being the chatterbox she was.

She would always be jaunty, and would never bother about anything. Girls are known to fight for all the unknown reasons, but for B, it was an alien territory. She hardly even realized that something is wrong around, and this is something which I put my hats off to. When everyone in the group would be down and out, and not knowing what needs to be done, she would just stand up, rolling her wrists up and down, and would crack a joke which would burst laughter out of everyone.

I remember one instance when I was on the receiving end - something had happened (can't recollect, owing to my short term memory loss!) and we started having a fight - and although the strong man I boast myself to be, I was beaten to pieces. This is not my claim to fame, and has not been publicly accepted, before now.

How many people here know the meaning of SBF? Ask B, and she's the one who would - that's because it is a secret.

B's jovial nature can sweep you over, and her objectivity can take you for a toss. "20 minutes, McD" talks have been on the call all the time. And the motto of Live Life King Size leads all the way through!

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