Friday, October 26, 2007


You probably hear the word "nirvana" pretty often - people might say they've achieved nirvana when they're really happy, for example, or they might talk about going to nirvana as an eternal reward after death. Then, of course, there's the famous rock band Nirvana, who adopted the term with a certain amount of irony.

Nirvana, the so-called Other Shore is everywhere and nowhere. It is not a place. Nirvana is more a state of mind: one of total awareness; or is it no awareness? deathless peace; joy, ease and fulfillment; and perfect freedom. Nirvana is by definition the highest form of everlasting happiness, desirelessness, fulfillment and peace. It is experienced by the heart-mind liberated from the fetters of ignorance, dualism and delusion, and freed from conflicting emotions including attachment and desire.

Have you listened to "Come As You Are", again Nirvana? A song full of contradictions on how we act versus how we think society thinks we should act. Just yesterday, I was having these obscure discussions with P regarding the same, when we eventually ended up debating on the "Paragon of virtues" (It started as an impish discussion, and eventually ended up on a different plain). A few sub bullets are still on the cards!

And any ideas on how to achieve Nirvana - I'll give you one.
Go a few beers down, with a few fags, and "The Man Who Sold the World" on the track... Cogito ergo sum!

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