Sunday, January 27, 2008

..monsoon wedding..

As I write this post, I am sitting at H's home in Mumbai, who is oblivious of the fact that he is one of the protagonists of this post. I’m gonna write about the weddings in general, and the contrasting specifics of weddings in different parts of our country in particular. Generally, I am fascinated by weddings, and the pomp & show that follows.

How many here have watched "Monsoon Wedding"?

Been to a punjabi wedding?

I went over to Chandigarh about a month back for H's wedding with P, and to tell you the truth, the trip was worth in ways more than one. First, its Chandigarh (all those who have been to this place will vouch for it, that the sex-ratio and age group ratio is highly skewed to my liking). Oh no - wait wait - first things first. Let's meet the stars of the show - H & P. Both are my batchmates, and we have shared good laughs together. So obviously there was no option of not being there for the occasion; though there was a hidden agenda too (which eventually did not get much fodder; since not many of P's friends came!). Not many people I know have as much financial acumen as these two (I wonder if the kids of these two will even need to go to a B-school to get any knowledge).

So S came down from Mumbai, and A was already here in Delhi - and three of us got set on the voyage. Had a decent journey - had an excellent nap after reaching Chandigarh - and then the best part - got to see how a groom reacts to various acts and situations on his D-day from the closest quarters. Got to be a part of punjabi wedding for the first time in essence, and hence, it was very interesting. Not that it varies a lot from what I have seen in other weddings, but then there is always a charm about every occasion and way of celebrations.

The second wedding in question is that of M. He has always been the much-coveted-and-pampering friend from our group – one who would be the one to make sure that no one can complain. And yesterday, on his D-day, he was no different! Even when he was about to take the final plunge, he was concerned most about whether everyone around is having a good time! And his was a case of complete surrender – surrender to the whims & fancies of all the near-and-dear-ones in the family – someone wanted him to wear a red turban, another one wanted a pink one; someone wanting a light blue shirt, while someone else pitching in for a pitch-green-party-wear shirt. Rightly is it said, though obviously in a different connotation, “..when rape is inevitable, just lie back and enjoy!”

And the pics shall definitely help marking out the obvious difference in how things were at both the weddings.

PS: For those from DCE, who knew Harsh, from Electrical – He’s getting married next week. I talked to him today, and seems like his invitation has reached no-one! Hence, here is an all out invitation for his wedding, on his behalf.

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