Monday, August 04, 2008

a few things..

Good: This thing that the modern day commercialism has started - called as "Friendship Day". Even those who don't really have ample time to let those who matter know that they really matter, take some time out one way or the way, and drop in a message, to say the least.

Awesome: India wins, finally. Defeated SL by 170 runs.

Bad: Massa had an engine failure, with only a few laps to go - sad that he lost out on the championship lead.

Interesting: My folks shifted home recently, and shifted to our home where I grew up as a kid. Since me and my younger bro have been out of home for a long time now (owing to studies first, and then work), all the boxes with stuff came out in the limelight when the shifting happened last week. And boy-oh-boy, what a pandora's box it has been. Reminds me of the F.R.E.I.N.D.S episode, where Monica and Ross go to their parents' home, to pick up their stuff, while the latter were moving. Obviously, all of our stuff was intact (unlike Monica in the TV series, who lost all her stuff to rains, but instead got a Porsche!), and I could feel a kid yet again, while going through my childhood stuff. I did bring a couple of things back to my place from those boxes, to remind me of the good ol' times. Guess I'll start with a few things soon enough.

Awaited: Lots of things. Can't pen down all right now - infact, can't pen down many, ever. Catch 22. Perception. Good will. Confusion. Loads to come..

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