Thursday, January 08, 2009

Get ready for emosanal atyachaar!

I was talking to a friend a few hours back, and got this tip to notice "Dev.D". I had listened to one of the songs of the movie, "Emosanal Atyachaar" (yes, not emotional), and I quite liked it. The usage of pump organs instead of conventional guitars and keyboard gave it a unique feel.

But as I now notice, that song was only the tip of the iceberg. Listen to other songs (there are as many as 15 songs in the movie), and you know that there is another music marvel shaping up - Music Director Amit Trivedi (Amit Trivedi who? - I myself had to do some google search to get to know, but I now know he is on my watch list for sure!) is another Rahman in the making, if I may call that.

The movie has world music, Rajasthani folk, head-banging rock, street band baaja, an Awadhi song, Punjabi song and 1980's Euro-pop song.

Dev D is about Devdas, Chandramukhi and Paro. Devdas is called Dev D. It is about today's Devdas, who doesn't drink alcohol but is into drugs like cocaine and ganja. His character is psychedelic so there are hard-rock songs (notice the posters of the movie for the same).

Chandramukhi is not a kothewali prostitute but today's school-going 16-year old prostitute. Chandramukhi is Chanda, a London-returned woman, so her songs have a western classical flavour.

Paro is from Chandigarh here. There are a lot of Punjabi and Awadhi songs for Paro.

My personal fav songs are Nayan Tarse & Pardesi - and lyrics blow you away with somelines going as, "Kahaan Chali Gayi Hai Saari Khushi..". Dejavu, Amrita Pritam?

And finally, look at this poster - creativity at its level best!

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