Friday, January 02, 2009 your back

I was in Bihar a few days back, and I must say, the phrase "Watch you back" has been custom made for the place. Not that I faced any problems in the area, and I frankly had no issues going to the place, though many people had told me otherwise. I don't really go by only the reputation of the place, but I choose to take a feel before making a judgment. And I should say, it's more of an experience than a comment made by someone. While I was traveling places within Bihar, I was told by many not to travel to far off places, and was strictly instructed not to be on roads during nights. And a chill went through my spine when I went against the suggestions, and started catching up on my travel during night - it was strange to see every shop closed by 7p in the evening. Hardly any soul was to be seen on the roads. I am not making an opinion about the place, but it's just that the aura of the place makes you feel vulnerable. No wonder why we have to include a "political" risk and a "security" risk while analyzing a project based in this land of Chanakya! Hope things get better soon enough. Or rather say, people start realizing that things are better, soon enough.

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