Monday, November 08, 2004


After a long long time, I feel satisfied. A couple of things came my way today, leading to some respite, from the daily hectic stuff going on.
First of all, ITC thingy. Finished that thing off, at last.
Secondly, DCE T-shirts came up fine. They seem good.
Next, SEPM went off well, with some good stuff to ponder over. I even talked to him for further absence.
OCD case was brilliant. Applied that creative stuff, and held it in the best spirits.
Suggestions, as I have been giving, were marvellous today.
Saw "You've got mail" yet again. Loved it one more time.
The time to come is really crictical. Lets see how it shapes up in next couple of days. Another 10 days, before I'll take a sigh of relief.

Hope this run continues.

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