Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Another Trip

This was yet another trip to B'lore, which ended in haste. Had to come back yet again, against all the wishes. Seems like just yesterday, when I landed there, and here I am, back to my campus, attending classes, and making the gud ol' presentations.
Seems like the next time I'll go to B'lore, I'll hav to do without Aasheesh, as his joining date is just around the corner. Yeah, "Just 'round the corner". Reminds me of "You've got mail". What a lovely movie. Can't help watching it again n again.
Now the, enjoyed a ton at B. Met almost every1. Apart from a bit of arbit stuff, rest all was cool. Had fun with Aa's friends as well. Hope all goes well.



  1. Anonymous1:17 AM

    hey "you've got mail" is a great movie...lovely to watch...one of my favs too...do u like sleepless in seattle...just curious...

  2. nice movie it is..for sure.