Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Handle with care!

And then I came back from Bangalore!
It came as no respite that the work was overloaded here as well. PSS still on; DRL delivery in a few days; Ahlcon presentation coming up soon; Samir's BDC and VC work also picking up; Alexion and Bayer on the cards; And above all, those projects with MBA colleges. Everything driving me crazy.

Anyhow, DRL went off well in the end. And Hari's plans to come to India postponed due to Alexion meeting in US. This meant that Hari won't be there for Ahlcon meeting! Such an important one, without him. Lets see how it shapes up. Putting in my level best for it.

And these MBA projects taking loads of time. Though I know the endeavor is one of the best ever taken up, but still, problems creep in everywhere.
I didn't believe it, but have started feeling that personal and professional lives should have distance. Last night was the fitting example. I got as low as I have ever been, and that too because of that stupid feeling I got. Not that its sure, but nonetheless, I never doubt my thinking.

Gotta see how I'll have to manage the situation here in the office now. Truly speaking, this is the richest experience one can ever get in the work. Don't know about the things to come, but sure it does help, in one way or the other.


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