Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Too Bad

Its never so bad that it can't get worse!
True it is. Last few days have really shown that. I was hardly trying to come out of these incredible tensions that I have developed, that I face more in my kitty.

Deepti rightly told me that there should be a gap between private and public life; between office and social life. I have hardly followed that as of now, but seems like that it the right thing to do.

With the baffled yahoogroup issue, and the chances of this guy leaving the company, this cricket issue, and other things as well, I can hardly think of a way out. People say that I should calm down and think, but where's the solution? I don't see any solution at all to such problems, unless I am the one who's creating them.

I rightly need to change my ways. Or change the world. :)

Lets see which one I choose!


  1. abe oye..
    kya tension hai teri life main.. aur yeh yahoogroup wala issue kaunsa hai ..
    anyways kya haal chaal hai ..yaar apna cell no. diyo -i hav misplaced it

  2. Abe kuch nahi yaar, general time pass.
    number bhool gaya - 9387529099.