Friday, December 23, 2005

The Leela

Just came back an hour back from 'The Leela'. Twas nothing like Bangalore Leela. Infact, this was not even comparable to Taj Land's End or Muthoot Plaza! Though it had the best location possible - that on the top of a cliff, alongside the sea beach, but the ambience was just not meant to be like a 7 star. How can a 7 star be cheaper than a 5 star !
Well, the gathering was good. Had fun with the food, and the talks. Though sitting along side the pool, it made me feel nostalgic, and a rush of adrenaline went thru my spine! I wanted to swim, and reach my home, both at the same time. Not that I cud swim from here to Delhi, but anyhow!
And the client presentation tomorrow morning means I will need to have a night out tonight. Not that I would have cared much, but its good that we did not have a booze party tonight. Though I would have loved to blabber about a lot of issues if this presentation would not have been there tomorrow, there won't be much point in doing that tomorrow as it would be irrelevant tomorrow.
I just want to go away now. Maybe Bangalore, maybe Mumbai/Pune, or maybe Delhi. Wherever! I don't care. I am fed up of devising ways of killing my valuable time which I can use for constructive work as well. This new year shud see me at a place different than this.
For the best.

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