Monday, December 12, 2005


Spent last 10 days in Blr, meeting people. Strand leaves me stranded, and don't know how things proceed from here.
An update on what happened in Blr: Met quite a few people. Dido, VRS, Sardar (Obviously). Then Tarun, Nidhi, Deepika. Met Kalyan and Brinda also for once. Cudn't catch up with Sinha as we both were at wrong places at the right time.

Sardar's Genpact party was gud. So were its after-effects. Wud have liked to follow things in the way I wanted. Even Sardar said that I shud have gone ahead with the war, but somehow didn't feel like going ahead, for the sake of ol' times. Hardly that it matters, but still!
Gotta stay here in Tvdm for a few days, and then to go ahead - can't say where.

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