Friday, December 02, 2005


Though Kalyan has left; though I know I will be leaving in a few days as well; I know things will be better soon. Things are at status quo, but its becoming easier these days - maybe with the help of tiny little helpings here and there.
A few days back, had a tete-e-tete with Apoorva thru DP. Yet another character. Has a few things in her mind which she has no idea about. Level headed though.

Had these not-so-usual talks with DP. And something on the same grounds with regards to uniqueness with CD as well. Though there was a little difference of opinion with CD, but thats normal.

And yes, how to forget Srushita and Meera. Does it happen with everyone? So many cold calls? Nice people anyhow!

Aasheesh is also getting confused, and something needs to be worked out soon. So is the case with Swap. Now that the bonus is done, will start looking for something for him as well.

Twas very nice to talking to Micky yesternite. He called at the right moment: when I was missing him the most! Thats my bro! Knows when to do what.
I'll be going to Bangalore soon; maybe tomorrow. Have quite a few things to do there. Lets see how the coming week fares for me.

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