Sunday, March 25, 2007

Weekend Get-away..

The weekend comes to an end, and not without lots of things which came out of the store. First of all, the disappointing Cricket match - and the mood was lightened somewhat by the "RedNex" Concert (Wondering whether you've ever heard of Rednex? - Probably not - but you must have heard their only blockbuster thumping "Cotton Eye Joe"). But because even Rednex could not provide the much-wanted action, it was found 1500 metres above the ground, at Nandi Hills.
Nandi Hills is a 70 km getaway from Bangalore, and because nothing felt great at that moment at 12 midnight, we (B, Swap and I) went ahead for the trip - didn't take more than an hour, and it was a smooth drive. And yes, it felt good! Even if I try, won't be able to put it into words to describe how soothing sitting in the open air felt, at that moment - away from all botherations!
Anyhow, came back early in the morning, but missed the 7a get together :-(, but still...
Beginning of Sunday, and the first thought on mind was not Breakfast, or getting ready - but it was - "what's the plan for the day"! Went ahead and made plans for Eagleton Resorts (another hour's drive out of Bangalore), and dang! - the plan to play Golf was here.
Playing golf isn't as easy as it seems - with all the irons and the drivers and the swings and the misses - it really needs wondering - from where do all these CEOs get all that time to play such a sport, which needs so much precision, and accuracy! (Guess I have started using the Six-sigma methodology here - some use of the Six-sigma training I took a few days back). And it really is addictive, because the last shot of your bucket will be near your worst shots, and that would compel you to take another bucket, and start all over again! Vicious circle, as they call it.
Done with Golf, next plans are to meet M. Met him at Forum, and went to his place at Cox Town - some discussions which were long overdue, and then back home, for dinner. But to dine at home wasn't what was in the store, and Fioriano proved as perfect Italian Food to grace the occassion and complete the weekend.
Good weekend, so to say - but lots of things to be thought, and done, preety soon!

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