Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ten Beans to Spill

I was tagged by S. So here are my…
Ten Beans to Spill

1. Last week of August is one of my favorite times of the year. It starts with my brother's birthday, followed by my mom's. Same days see the birthday of many friends of mine - S, another S, B, R, A, G. And the week is summed up with Dad's we get 7 whole days of celebration!

2. I never eat sweet after any meal, even if it is only a bite. I tend to cherish the taste of food.

3. I feel most spiritual when I am surrounded by nature (whether it be trees, the ocean, the mountains, or the desert).

4. I have a full-blown phobia of heights.

5. I only drink alcohol approximately once every one to two months, and usually only one glass then.

6. Food that I hated most when in school was Rajma-Chawal.

7. Food that I love most today is Rajma-Chawal.

8. I really suck at cooking. (All I can do is tea/coffee/maggi)

9. One of my favorite pastimes in college was riding two-wheelers through college roads.

10. I hate it when people lie, or get late!

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