Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ahem - short term memory loss!

Short term memory loss - ahem! I recall this from somewhere.

Well, the most anticipated movie of the year is finally here. Aamir Khan’s Ghajini brings with it the huge amount of expectations that people usually carry with them to the theatre while watching an Aamir Khan film.

Aamir portrays the business tycoon to perfection, and Asin play the girl next door with ease. First reaction after watching Ghajini is of how long the movie is (3 hours +) - but you don't realize 3 hours have passed by - especially the romantic part of the movie, which is quite enjoyable. I heard Aamir in one of his interviews before the movie's release, and he mentioned that this is a tender romantic movie. I couldn't understand that then, but I guess the romantic 2 hours of the movie are worth a watch. Infact, we kept waiting during the course of the movie when the 2006 Diary would be read!

Scenes of ferocious Aamir are good too - one where he makes out from Jiah's faster breath that she has been running, takes all the credit. This version of Aamir hardly speaks, but communicates very well.

Asin proves to be a good actress - Good screen presence, bubbly and charismatic. Aamir Khan is brilliant, as usual! An actor who can never disappoint, neither with his performances nor the overall quality of his movies. What with a different variety of movies like Lagaan, DCH, RDB, TZP and now Ghajini! All very different, but brilliant nonetheless! Jiah Khan had a forgettable performance; her most important scene was when Aamir gets down from her scooter, and she hardly had any expressions while trying to stop Aamir.

Movie definitely is not very violent - this much goes with a masala bollywood movie.

So except an acceptable ending, everything was great. I haven't heard very good of the movie from others, but I got my money's worth. I wonder what's the ending of Tam version of the movie though!

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  1. Do watch MEMENTO (2000), a brilliant piece of work...
    And compare it with Ghazini.