Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Young Turks

I've had the opportunity of working with Anupam & Jayadev from TinfoMobile. What I really liked about their venture was the enthusiasm and aspirations with which the firm operated. Be it operating out of a two-room house, to a full-fledged-well-decorated-nicely-furnished office space on the prime location of the city, the firm saw it all. This is what gives you kicks, from a startup; though the ultimate aim is to gain a chunk from client's pockets, the adrenaline rush comes from the quest of being what you want to be; the never-say-die attitude; the hunger of success; overloaded work; kicks drawn from overloaded work; never letting others know about your overload; going for drinks with friends with the thought on your mind that a deadline is pending; and at the end of the day, feeling great that you did what no one else could have done. Sweet.

Here's a sneak peek on their success story, as covered by CNBC Young Turks.

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