Monday, November 22, 2010

In the news

I am intrigued by the happenings in our surroundings today.

You open the television, and move to a news channel - and all there is playing is either a scam, or a political turmoil. At best, a happy news about India doing well on a specific day in Cricket, or one of the cricketing starts reaching yet another landmark! Of the current ones I can see on TV, there is a tainted CVC issue, some case of Supreme Court asking PM about clarifications on what he did or did not do when one of his ministers was distributing favors in the market in form of some licenses, another case of CWG officials being arrested by CBI and interrogated for money laundering while the supreme boss holidays in Monaco, a case of a state CM refusing to resign after being accused of a land scam, another real estate scam based on defense property, and many more.

(While on CWG, every time I see a name related to CWG scams on TV, I anxiously look for names that I worked with when the games were happening. Not to my surprise, none of the names that feature in the TV are of those who actually were visible during the games, running around doing all the hard work. Sort of verifies my hypothesis that there were two kinds of people in CWG - ones who made the games happen, and ones who did all the "hard" work before the actual work started, and made merry, and made sure those who follow will have to burn in midnight oil in order to make games happen!)

Just last week, I was introduced to a few audio clips on youtube (I think I picked them up through FB, where some connection of mine had shared the link), where a media personality was negotiating portfolios on phone on behalf of a political party, while another political strategist was representing the coalition partner for a specific ministry.

A stupid optimist that I am, I am still hopeful that we will come out of these roadblocks - supplemented by tainted CVC, unresponsive CBI, hand-tied Supreme Court.

On that note, it reminds me of another incident a friend told me last week. I have this friend who also believes that if you have to have the right to crib, be there to make a change yourself first, to have that right to crib. (Like I mentioned in an earlier post here). So he thought he'll turn a few stones, and went on to connect with the youth wing of one of the leading national political parties. To his amazement, it took him weeks to get an appointment with the relevant first, and when he finally reached to meet, he was frowned upon on knowing that he was neither son of a business family, or a political family! He was told that it is better to stay in corporate world, trying to make a difference to the country's economy, rather than through politics, unless he had some big moolah to shell out, or a political family to step into shoes of!

Sad that this friend actually wanted to get in the system and try and make a difference to the society! Another 10-20 years and things will change dramatically from where they are today, but I guess the real beginning of that change is yet to start.

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