Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Latest movies

I have been quite a movie buff - having watched loads and loads of movies over last few years, having imdb to serve as the movie bible, having watched more than half of imdb top 250, having a collection of thousands of movies that I like in my hard disks - it is safe to say that I am inclined towards movies in general.

There are quite a few movies that I had seen in last year or so, which have sort of blacked out from my mind. I can remember bits and pieces of the storylines of a few of them here and there, but can't come to recall the names of the movies or the plots, or the endings for that matter. Was watching an animation last night, "How to train a dragon" - a fun movie.

Only after the movie had finished did I realize that I had already seen it early this year! Guess it's an overload of watching so many movies that I can't even remember which ones I have watched and which ones I haven't.

Personal pointer - keep a tab on what you watch! A few sitcoms can make the week smooth which enough media for the week. And then, wait for white collar in jan.

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