Saturday, July 24, 2004


well well...
it has been quite some time now, since I last logged in...
hav been busy in all these goddamn classes, with loads of reports to b submitted..
anyways, that phase is almost over, and its kinda chill now..

for last so many days, my only rescue has been in the form of baddy matches i hav been playing; and those too, unto the time i fall down with exhaustion.
and yes, it reminds me all the time of all the gud times i hav spent at DCE, while playing baddy..
i still all those games, all those yellings, all those shouts, whne I was supposed to just kill the shuttle, without even having the capability to do it..
But surely now I can do it..staying away from all beloved ones has really taught me a lot.. Now i can play far better than i used to..
I assure you sardar, playing today with me, u wont hav to ask me to do something..u'll b sure to hav it considered done.. I no longer am a doubles player.. Now i know how to do it..
yes, i do know it; but what's the use..
All the more I play, further it reminds me of the gud times i hav spent at DCE..
cant write anymore..feeling a bit nostalgic..
will get back soon..


  1. Hi reddy....
    you are making me Nostalgic by writing about bady...and the way you are saying I am getting desperate to play with you again. I dont think I can say same about playing against you, because looking at my ever increasing weight I think I can never play singles game again.
    This fucking fats are getting more and more into me and I am getting frustrated of thinking of doing some kind of exercise...Even for losing some weight I left my Bike at delhi so that may be by walking I can lose weight early....anyways I dont think its a good trade off...I am going next week to get it...

    And looking at your enthu, I am starting my Badi again from tommorow onwards .....and I am definitely looking forward to a wonderful trip to Kozhikode and a match with you.............

  2. are nahi yaar..
    abhi bhi, u are a far better player than i m..
    but what i meant to say is, ab khelne mein wo khushi hoti hai, ki main bata nahi sakta..
    jab bhi koi shot lagta hai to main ye sochta hoon ki DCE mein aise khelta to baat hi kya thi..
    the other final that we missed, we wud never hav, i swear..
    chal koi nahi, watever happens, happens for gud..