Thursday, July 01, 2004

Ufff..these damn classes..@#^&*@#

With the onset of arrival of these damn visitng profs, the load has mounted like anything, and it doesnt seem like having any time for fun, or movies..

feel like dropping a coupla electives, but alas, all are important..

drained after straight 5 hrs of continuous class of a single subject, without even getting a single word of ERP..

God save me.


  1. heres hoping that all work and no play doesn't end up making you a dull boy! :)

  2. Hahaha..
    Don't u worry..
    This "Busy"ness is just for a coupla days..Wont last long..
    And for sure, playing n all can never get off me, however hectic it may become..

  3. Don't u worry abt that..
    Me perfectly fine..and surely, I do take time out, come what may..:)