Thursday, August 12, 2004

Bangin' in Banglore

As is quite evident from the previous post I made a couple of hours ago, my quest to reach banglore was high enuf for me to reach there safely..but this was not all..much more was yet to come..
So, I reached banglore at noon, and called Tarun, but he already off to Electronic city, so I had to go to Ankur's place, where i left my luggage, and freshened up..had my first meal in 15 hrs, and left out for IIIT, where Tarun was meeting Deepika..quite unaware of the localities in banglore, I set off, without any knowledge how I would get to the place..Ankur asked to drop me at my destination, but a flat tyre ruined all such chances..I had to take lots of buses, shifting every now and then, to reach the destination in 2 hours time..
So, there I was, meeting Tarun & Deepika..had a gala time out there..time felt like flying, and i cudnt even know before the evening was then, I was dying to meet Aasheesh...but he had gone to his relatives' place, which I didn't know where it was..I called up each n every one in banglore, who might hav known his whereabouts, but to no avail...I called up people at IIMB as well, but they were also having their, I went back with Tarun, to IISc..
Me and Tarun, like the gud ol' days, had a little chat..discussed everything under the sun...I went and met Deepa as well..twas strange feeling meeting her this time, unlike last time, when I had met her in IISc..I didnt know whether she would hav wanted to face me or not...a change in her attitude maybe..anyways, doesnt matter..this is itself is a different issue, and will take it some other day..
So, at night, me and tarun, roamed about in the nearby places as well, when suddenly Tarun's programme to go to Hyderabad came up..I wished he wud go, as it wud make him, and his sis in hyderabad better..his quest to go to hyderabad gave me a hint of my own self in relationships..
Come morning, and I went to MG Road, alongwith Deepa(who, as usual, was late)..and met Aasheesh there(at last!!)...Akshay and Varshney were also there..we spent a great time sitting out there at Barista, then at Queens, and again, in the evening at Barista..The time was flyin like anything, during my stay in banglore..i wonder why time can't pass by so soon when i m at IIMK..
Came back with Aasheesh to his place in the night.stayed there..met all the new acquaintances of reminded me of all the old days when everyone used to prepare for CAT..was a bit nostalgic as well..Aasheesh, as friendly as ever.!!
it has always been the case that me and aasheesh dont need to talk to each other to express ourselves..each of us know what the other one means to say, even without saying...
so, we morning, aasheesh went to office..and I headed back to IISc, to pick my bag up..reached there, by travelling for 2 hrs..took my baggage from Tarun's him adieu, and started back for electronic city..reached there by travelling for 2 hours again, and met Aasheesh and Deepika again..again, had fun..cant explain..these hours were the best ones.. with aasheesh n deepika around, I cudnt feel any better..
as the time wasn't enuf, I had to leave..said goodbye to Deepika (I still feel there was something to b said, dunno intution)..and left with aasheesh..went to globus..did some shopping (just for the sake of keeping a banglore memento with me, all the time)..had dinner with aasheesh, and left off for the bus stand, for catching my bus back to IIMK.
I dont hav any words to say how much i cherish the time spent in banglore, be it with any sort of difficulties that came up...I look forward to go there as much as possible..lets see what happens..

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