Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Exams over..

Now then, the mid-terms (hah) are over, I can get back to something fruitful now. those enviro and dce ppts that i made, i guess, did what they intended to.. atleast some of the members of the group responded, remembering the good times.

So, its fun time for now..
although lots of stuff needs to b done, like the ERC project, SCAM project (which I know nothing about), and yes, SM project, which i havent even started even yet.
lots of work, but then, deadlines are meant to b just met..
so, all the work would be done, only when it should.

Thinking of going to Banglore, on bike (yipee)..people said yes earlier, but are skeptical now, as the heavens are pouring down like anything now-a-days..
Even the clouds keep coming into the room, making everything moist n wet..
uhuhh...coming back to the visit to banglore, I really really wanna go to bang..
there are lot many people there..Aasheesh, Vishal, Akshay, Tarun, Deepika, Amit, etc etc..

The list goes on and on..and i hav to meet all of them..
lets see how the thing shapes up..Dunno for sure, but maybe if nobody agrees, I'll set out alone..

I know I should not, but..lets see, how it shapes up..
All the best for the journey then..


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