Sunday, August 15, 2004

Down :(

The day, well, what should I say, was simple one of the worst ones I hav had since I entered IIM..
Never ever has this much disgrace come my way..simply unexplainable..Was so much disgusted, even when I should not have been the one to be blamed..or maybe, it should hav been me..
No..nothing at all..
Not answering the only question asked, even when I spent 3 hours last night preparing this ppt, and then, the worst of all..
weak, huh, my foot..
I gotta make it right, somehow or the other..
tomorrow's a crucial day..and I m gonna prove it for sure, and that too, soon enuf..
m on a low..trying to get to the lowest it could possibly go, but even the dose wasnt enuf i guess..and dunno what I should do..
May this phase go over asap.



  1. Anonymous10:35 PM

    This is the quality which i admire most in you....
    Have a nice time ahead....

  2. thnx a ton..
    i'll take it as a compliment..
    but wud u mind disclosing your identity..